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The evolution.

McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd, founded 2004 as McKercher ECS provided domestic, commercial and industrial electromechanical services within Perth, Western Australia. Demand for reliable electrical services instigated the evolution to a broader regional level.

McKercher ESC matured from a sole trading entity to a privately owned company, Electrical Australia Pty Ltd. Licensed with electrical service operations in Western Australia, Northern Territory, New South Wales and Queensland. External interest facilitated the transfer of core service operations including intellectual property associated with the Electrical Australia name in 2011.

The transition from Electrical Australia Pty Ltd to McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd shifted business focus towards information technology & alternative energy sources. An astute consideration for cleaner energy technology combined with a strong technical research and development background, McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd businesses implement technology future generations will benefit from.

Technology Evolved.

Established 2004.

History builds trust.

Discover the history behind the company thousands of people have trusted for advanced technology, digital assets and data backed media content since 2004.

Founded, Perth Western Australia.
McKercher ECS is established as a sole trading entity by Derek McKercher to provide electrical services in Perth, Western Australia.
Electrical Australia Pty Ltd.
McKercher ECS evolves to become an Australian Private Company with increased demand. Electrical licences are maintained; Northern Territory, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.
Electrical Australia acquired.
External interest facilitates the transfer of core service operations including intellectual property associated with the Electrical Australia name.
McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd.
McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd retains pre 2011 Electrical Australia customer support obligations in services carried out. McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd shifts focus towards information technology & alternative energy supply.
Perth Solar Warehouse.
In an industry clouded by sales misconception, Perth Solar Warehouse ensures the solar energy equipment customers seek is made transparent and readily available through search engine optimisation.
Gigabit Tech Studio.
A joint information technology collaboration by Sujan Bhuiyan and Derek McKercher to service a wider global market with information and communication technology software innovations.
PSW Energy.
The evolution of Perth Solar Warehouse; Larger range, in depth online detail, expanded operations beyond localised Perth, Western Australia. Renowned Perth Solar Warehouse customer and product satisfaction for more to experience.
McKercher Corporation Media
McKercher Corporation Media division is established to support online media publications design proprietary algorithms to create engaging research content through data.
15-Year Milestone.
McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd passes the 15-year milestone since established October 2004 as McKercher ECS.
McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd is your secure foundation behind multiple renowned Australian owned brands.

Exceed Expectation.

Established 2004.

The Ability to Adapt to Change.

As diversified as McKercher Corporation brands are, their success has digressed away from a primary labour hire focus. The result, a provision of expertise across a broad sector with the ability to adapt to alternating user demands.

Advanced technology

Technology exists to uncomplicate and communicate in ways which have never conceived possible.

Consistent evolution

The world's modern demands depend on both superior technology, transparent information and reliable energy sources.

Smarter energy

Energy powers life. Dare to dream of a life powered by sustainable, clean energy fueled by natural elements.