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Discover the diverse brands McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd owns and operates. Australian businesses servicing a local and international market. 

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Perth Solar Warehouse

Knowledge is crucial in creating greater power. Founded in 2004, McKercher Corporation developed a core business servicing a demand for reliable electrical demands and cleaner energy. This business evolved to become Perth Solar Warehouse.

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PSW Energy

The evolution of Perth Solar Warehouse has arrived. PSW Energy presents renowned energy satisfaction to consumers in regions far beyond the boarders of Perth, Western Australia.

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Gigabit Tech Studio

Complementing an ever growing supply of hardware, a modern world requires refined technology to fulfil & assist users from all backgrounds. (Transitional management 2019).

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McKercher Corporation - Media

Developing publications for greater purpose. McKercher Corporation, through diversified internal resources, facilitates the development of modern online media platforms.