Huawei Elite Reseller 2021 - McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd

McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd becomes one of only three Australian businesses awarded Huawei Elite Reseller status 2021/22 for exceptional product knowledge and support through associated brands Perth Solar Warehouse & PSW Energy.

The inaugural Huawei Digital Power Ecosystem Partner Summit 2021 was hosted as a virtual event in the wake of Covid-19 international travel restrictions to over 5000 attendees across the world overnight as part of the conclusion to the Shanghai New Energy Conference (SNEC) 2021 – the world’s largest renewable energy confrence. 

Boasting a diverse product offering, Huawei’s expanded product suite (beyond telecommunications) includes associated solar generation technologies set to be a pivotal component within all self generated power supplies.

Li Jian, Huawei President of Global Marketing & Sales & Service (Digital Power) identified Huawei’s mission is to collaborate with technically astute specialist energy companies (such as McKercher Corporation brands Perth Solar Warehouse & PSW Energy) to deliver a customer-centric energy transformation experience.

As a Huawei Elite Reseller, end-users can expect advanced product knowledge by local experts with one of the most secure product warranty options available.

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