Perth Solar Warehouse Expansion

New brand, same excellent service and a broader reach. From October 2017 a Perth Solar Warehouse expansion commenced to present a wider product range through a new McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd brand, PSW Energy.

A revitalised colour scheme and an extensive product offering reaching a broader consumer base are the driving factors behind PSW Energy. From February 2018 a new online shop front to better showcase the technically advanced energy saving product line began construction. April 2018 Perth Solar Warehouse began referring existing specified pages to the new PSW Energy online store. May 2018 the new PSW Energy online store opened its doors to the public.

A dual layered decision, when McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd created Perth Solar Warehouse in 2011, it was the only “Perth Solar” labelled business in the market. With the rise in competitive SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) space and the success of the presence of Perth Solar Warehouse online, a plethora of business owners saw an opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and hijack the Perth Solar name.

McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd Director, Derek McKercher said, “It (Perth Solar Warehouse) is an interesting name to claim intellectual property rights to, IP Australia is reluctant to issue a claim to a name which involves a capital city, and a few other complicated particulars. Considering the established nature of Perth Solar Warehouse online and the quality content provided, as a company we believe PSW Energy will be able to flourish without the ongoing confusion with alternative Perth Solar labelled suppliers”. 

Additionally, this also facilitates opportunities and diversity for the business beyond Perth and Solar specific borders.

A new ethos.

In the past, with lack of supply in the quality sector, Perth Solar Warehouse was created to deliver the best solar products available at the most affordable prices, fully installed. Warehouse direct as they say. Since the dawn of the solar boom 10-years ago it’s all been about one thing, solar PV.

10-years on the industry is on the brink, if not already in the process of evolution. With limited design parameters and better technology now available, self-generated power supplies are more than just solar. In fact, it’s more than self-generation. The modern home and business must be smarter to master bill reduction. Smarter appliances and software now, along with energy storage form the basis of an intelligent energy solution. 

McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd wants PSW Energy to empower users rather than just throwing another expense at people. Therefore the simplified tagline accompanying PSW Energy is Save More. Not only do shoppers save more on the overall value of a product they save more overtime in return on investment with better technologies.

Customer satisfaction the priority.

History of success and a testament to excellent customer success remains in the name of PSW (Perth Solar Warehouse) Energy. “Everything else essentially remains the same, existing warranty obligations, contact numbers, staff, location, ownership, we’re simply sprucing things up a bit with a modern vision away from the high-pressure volume-based sales rut other businesses get stuck in and eventually succumb to inferior quality and reputation,” said Derek McKercher.

As PSW Energy, a flagship business by Mckercher Corporation gets a makeover, expect many more new and exciting developments to arrive at McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd in alternative business models. The primary objective for the immediate future remains the development of the PSW Energy brand and servicing the existing brands. Beyond the initial goals of revitalisation, geographic expansion of services and products will progress to a national level from 2020.

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