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PSW Energy is an evolution of the Perth Solar Warehouse brand.


PSW Energy

The evolution of the Perth Solar Warehouse brand, PSW Energy was  introduced in 2017 catering towards a broadening market. Established on a quest to develop Australia’s largest online product range and expanded operations beyond localised Perth, WA borders.

PSW Energy exists to deliver renowned Perth Solar Warehouse customer and product satisfaction for more people.  An established reputation, trusted Australian company and  

Successful & reliable renewable energy has a return on investment of approximately 20% per annum or greater. A return greater than many investment funds or bank interest.


Unrivalled choice

Wider choice to more people. The PSW Energy range constantly evolves on a weekly basis to encompass one of the largest selections of solar energy  products available online.

When engaging PSW Energy for a solar energy  project, rest assured knowing PSW Energy is certified manufacturer supply partner of the following leading brands;

  • SMA PowerUp Partner.
  • REC Solar Professional.
  • Fronius Service Partner.
  • QCells Q.Partner.
  • RedEarth True Blue Partner.
  • SENEC Gold Partner.
  • Tesla installer.
  • SolarEdge Installer.
  • Enphase Installer.


Crafted by PSW installers

Energy generation equally as beautiful as the finished product. Enjoy a power source designed to survive in excess of 30-years and compliment the exterior or your building at the same time, through any era.


PSW Life Support included with every product.


Customer experiences

"Your help to sort my solar problem was something you should be proud of! All of my issues were handled with great professional service and my fried inverter was replaced with ease! I will recommend you to all friends and family."
Ron Foster
Happy Customer
"Great service from both sales and installation crew. They were on schedule and were required to remove an existing system prior to installing the new system, a very neat and tidy crew. Product is very good."
Allan Michael
Happy Customer
“Highly recommend to anyone who wants quality solar inverters or panels. The response was quick and friendly. Given thorough understanding of the inverter and why product is reliable. Thanks awesome team.“
Tai Tan
Happy Customer


Manufacturer Supply Partner

PSW Energy is a certified manufacturer supply partner. Ensure your installation is executed with unrivalled integrity and your product warranty is 100% secure.

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