SMA Power-Up Partner PSW Energy

The world’s most iconic solar inverter brand makes another bold move. SMA launched the SMA Power-Up program in Australia as of January 2019 in a bid to affiliate the brand with more technically astute installers. PSW Energy was successfully nominated and awarded as apart of the first 25-businesses across Australia (four from Perth, Western Australia).

The benefits occur at every level in this instance. Rewarded are installers with additional product benefits to offer end-users. In contrast, end-users become rewarded through attaining an installer with an intimate knowledge of the inverter, its capabilities and the ability to look after a customer long-term.

Never before has an inverter brand set out to exclude installers from additional sales opportunities. However, with an excessive amount of installation companies with an inability to survive past the five-year mark while leveraging off the back of an inverters good reputation, something had to change.

Founding SMA Power-Up partners, Western Australia:

  1. PSW Energy (residential).
  2. Advanced Energy Resources (commercial).
  3. Australis Solar (residential).
  4. DNX Energy (residential).

The success of the SMA Power-Up program has seen many installers across Australia vying for a position on the much-converted list. Not only solar installers, but the trend is also starting to become replicated amongst alternative manufacturers in a bid to ensure higher quality control and improved life expectancy of the products.

After the initial launch, SMA expects to ramp up eligibility of the SMA Power-Up program to a further 75 businesses nationwide. Ensuring a restricted group of 100 means-tested installers out a possible 5000 solar companies throughout Australia is another step forward towards greater consumer confidence when buying solar.

Explaining the benefits of the SMA Power-Up Program in extraordinary detail: 

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