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Perth Solar Warehouse (PSW) Tesla Certified Installer.

After an extensive onboarding process to ensure the Tesla brand integrity and unrivalled customer satisfaction, Perth Solar Warehouse (PSW Energy) is an official Tesla certified installer. Gain access to Tesla PowerWall products from Perth’s largest online solar superstore.

Approved Tesla certified installers are businesses which have been vetted to ensure thorough installation integrity and the superior aesthetic appeal sort after by Tesla customers.

Tesla Certified Installer Perth Solar Warehouse

As the solar industry evolves, manufacturers in all forms of solar products are beginning to take on certified installer programs to ensure the supply and installation of selected products meet manufacturer specifications.

Implementing certified installer programs provide the end-user confidence with the product they are buying has endured minimal points of contact between factory to installation. Furthermore, as installation often defines performance, understanding unique manufacturer installation guidelines ensure products exceed consumer expectation.

With a distinguished history of customer satisfaction, Perth Solar Warehouse & PSW Energy (McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd businesses) is a prominent partner to ensure the exceedingly high standards Tesla customers expect.

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