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Exceed Expectation

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Trusted Brands by McKercher Corp

Trusted Brands

McKercher Corporation is the company behind a number of trusted Australian brands for customer success locally and abroad.

Renewable Energy

Knowledge is crucial in creating greater power. Founded in 2004, McKercher Corporation developed a core business servicing a demand for cleaner energy.

Advanced Technology

Complementing an ever growing supply of hardware, a modern world requires refined technology to fulfil & assist users from all backgrounds.

Energy & technology for a modern world

Exceed expectation

Solutions that deliver beyond expectation.​

The future looks bright. Across all sectors, McKercher Corporation brands are refined to operate with focus beyond the now.  Stemming from a solid foundation, each business maintains a formulated structure and process as the key ingredients towards success.

Such clear guidance and ground-level knowledge allows consumers the ultimate peace of mind when interacting with a McKercher Corporation brand.

In a modern world, customer satisfaction is everything. The opportunity to exceed your expectation is not a once off opportunity, it’s something you should expect at every interaction.