German Solar Specialists PSW Energy

Quality German solar equipment, in general, has the “expensive” price tag associated and without a doubt, there is a great justification for the added expense. Exceptional testing practices and quality control ensure an end product that performs well beyond the expected life in even the most arduous conditions. Though the question must be asked, “Is it possible to buy quality German solar at prices that rival the cheaper Chinese solar PV systems?”

Enter Perth Solar Warehouse. A sweeping overhaul has now ensured Perth’s leading online German solar specialist. There the beauty lies. A simple concept that benefits the consumer beyond expectation. Restructuring as a German solar specialist guarantees the so-called cheapest products, packages or deals are not a substitute for quality. 

“A simple concept which benefits the consumer beyond expectation.”

A friendly online only retail presence removes the added cost of sales commissions. Centrally located the Perth (Cockburn Central) based warehouse & office makes for quick dispatch, customer collection or fast turnaround of installed solar systems. Perth Solar Warehouse also promotes the desired 5-star customer satisfaction results at 5 points of sale.

Shifting to an online-only retail presence was a risk, however, it ensures a major price reduction to the finest German solar equipment available thanks to the reduced overhead expense. A long-term move and a move to ensure continuing stability in a cost competitive market.

The internet can keep most solar businesses honest in the modern world, as consumers now possess a louder voice than ever before thanks to the emergence of social media in the last decade. The same social media in which Perth Solar Warehouse relies on real customer feedback as referrals to generate continued new business.

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