PSW Energy Research Centre v.2 Perth WA

Three years after the initial concept release, the PSW Energy Research Centre V.2 offers a revitalised solar technology insight unlike any other in Perth, Western Australia. Newly located at Unit 2/ 44 Erceg Rd Yangebup, WA (previously Unit-4) the larger premises and Version 2 concept delves deeper into associated solar technologies opposed to basic solar production.

Version 1 of the PSW Energy Research Centre showcased diverse solar module constructions providing unique end-user insight into how varied technologies performed in real world conditions. Furthermore, selected solar inverters and energy management devices delivered the refined operational insight one may require to ensure an informed buying decision towards energy saving success.

PSW Energy Research Centre Version 2 is designed to offer more than basic energy saving insight. The evolution of solar and its associated technologies offer a focus which incorporate energy savings and energy independence. 

PSW Energy Research Centre v.2 Perth WA

As the next generation of solar technologies are becoming smarter incorporating AI and cellular communication solar is now more than a box on the wall and some panels. Energy profiling is unique as ones self and manufacturers are now ensuring products which can adapt and learn. Through integrating smarter technology energy independence is a more realistic opportunity than ever before.

With over 20 different energy systems in operation or on display customers are encouraged to visit the new PSW Energy Research Centre V.2 before investing in solar related devices.

Brands in operation and on display include some of the the most well known and emerging technologies:

Beyond the integral hardware in operation, perhaps the most interesting element for any end-user is the software from which many will use to interact and operate their new self generated power supply. Prospective solar shoppers can experience first hand live operation of both inverter supplied softwares and advanced 3rd party tools such as Solar Analytics.

As intriguing as the the PSW Energy Research Centre is set to be many, customers are encouraged to book a viewing in advance to ensure to ultimate experience. 

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